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Movie studio to open in Waveland
By Dwayne Bremer
Jul 11, 2014, 20:12

The phrase "lights, camera, action," may soon be heard in Waveland, thanks to movie production veteran Jack Prince.
Prince, who owns the production company Road Wrangler Motion Picture Vehicles, recently leased a 25,000 square-foot facility behind Waveland Pharmacy.
Prince said Friday that he will be remodeling the building and opening a new studio, which will be named "Waveland Studio."
Prince has an impressive body of work to his credit.
He is credited in more than 100 motion pictures in the past twenty years, including blockbusters "Pearl Harbor," "Transformers," and "Who's Eating Gilbert Grape."
The film industry has grown tremendously along the Gulf Coast in the past couple of years, with Hollywood producers filming in New Orleans and other local areas.
Waveland Mayor David Garcia said Friday that the Prince's studio is a "unique opportunity" for the city.
"We are very happy to see Mr. Prince come to Waveland," Garcia said. "This is one of the first, if not the first, studio like this on the Gulf Coast. I think this will bring a lot of fun and exciting things to the city."
Prince said Friday that he chose Waveland because he wants to retire here.
"I'm here," Prince said. "I have done movies in several states, but this is where I want to be. Hopefully, we will be doing movies here very soon."
Prince owns a full line of film equipment including a camera car, special effects equipment, and trailers for actors and actresses.
According to his website, Prince says if he does not own it, "we can get it."
Prince said his company and studio will perform work for a variety of films with some notable exceptions.
"We don't do adult films, Satanic films, or anything like that," Prince said. "All of our movies are mainstream, and I want to put a focus on family-oriented movies."
He said once he gets his studio online, he will be employing many people, many of whom will be local.
"I can train camera-crane and camera-car operators, visual effects specialists, and others," he said. "I want to hire local people."
Bringing movies to Waveland should not be a problem either, he said.
"I have contacts all over the country and I am always in contact with them on different projects," he said. "I have already had a lot of interest in this studio."


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