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Waveland earns MAC grant to rebuild mosaic in front of city hall
By Geoff Belcher
Jul 1, 2014, 20:23

The original mosaic in front of Waveland City Hall, which was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. The Mississippi Arts Commission this week announced the city will be awarded a grant to rebuild it. Local artist Elizabeth Veglia, who designed the original, will also design and oversee the construction of the new one.

The Mississippi Arts Commission on Tuesday announced that it will award grants to two Hancock County institutions, Waveland City Hall and the 100 Members Debating Benevolent Assoc., Inc. (100 Men Hall) in Bay St. Louis.
The $4,500 grant to Waveland will support the replacement of the mosaic on city hall that was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.
The $1,935 grant to 100 Men Hall will help owners Kerrie and Jesse Loya present the "Harmonikids" music program for special needs children.
"We're thrilled about the grant," Waveland Ward 1 Alderman Lili Stahler – who led the effort to bring the mosaic back – said Tuesday. "And so will be all of the citizens of Waveland who miss that little piece of history we used to have on city hall."
Bay St. Louis artist Elizabeth Veglia, who designed the original mosaic in 1977, will design and oversee the creation of the new one, as well.
"It will start in September," Veglia said. "It will be a community art project, the same as the other one was. ... It will involve the school children at Waveland Elementary, who will be putting pieces in the background.
"We'll hold workshops ... to make sure that everybody has an opportunity to participate."
Veglia said the effort will heavily involve fellow artist Michael Gravois, with whom she recently offered her "Pure Whimsy" exhibit.
"Michael was very instrumental in the first one," she said. "He was someone who was really into mosaics, and he came back (to work on it) almost every single day. Regardless of how I have to get his input, I'm going to make sure he's going to be a part of this one."
The funds from MAC are part of a "matching" grant – the city will have to raise a matching amount through other sources in order to qualify.
"We'll have more information coming out once we get everything lined up," Veglia said.
In the MAC’s latest round of funding, grants were awarded in 46 Mississippi counties, ranging from operating support for museums and community arts centers to small grants that assist schools with bringing in guest artists. The grants will be awarded to 139 different organizations and schools and 42 to individual artists.
“The Mississippi Arts Commission is delighted to announce the FY2015 grant recipients,” stated Dr. Tom Pearson, executive director of MAC said in a press release issued Tuesday. “We are thankful to the Mississippi Legislature and the National Endowment for the Arts for their support of this agency and our work to assist artists, schools, and arts organizations across this state.”
Non-profit organizations or schools can utilize MAC’s Minigrant program to support a performance or workshop by a Roster Artist. The next deadline for the Minigrant applications will be November 3, 2014.
For more information on the MAC’s grants programs, Artist Roster and other services, visit the www.arts.ms.gov.


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