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Waveland man jailed for alleged ‘peeping’
By Dwayne Bremer
Jul 1, 2014, 20:26

Waveland police arrested a local man last week and charged him with looking into a window to try to see a woman taking a shower.
WPD Investigator Eddie Peterson said Tuesday that Sean Magee, 31, was arrested last week and charged with simple assault and trespassing under the "Peeping Tom" statute.
Peterson said two Meadow Lane residents came to the police department last week to file separate reports about Magee.
The first complaint involved Magee allegedly harassing a woman about her religious faith, Peterson said.
"The lady stated that she was in her driveway when she was approached by Magee," Peterson said. "Magee apparently began questioning the woman about her faith and when she did not respond, he began cursing her out and saying that Allah was going to get her."
The second complaint involved Magee allegedly looking into a neighbor's window, Peterson said.
"The second lady said she was fixing to get into the shower when she looked outside and saw Magee staring into her window," Peterson said. "The woman's husband confronted Magee and they later made a report."
Warrants for Magee's arrest were issued and he was later arrested, Peterson said. He was still incarcerated at press time Tuesday.


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