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Diamondhead POA gets new president, board members
By Dwayne Bremer
Jun 24, 2014, 22:44

John Fletcher

John Fletcher emerged as the Diamondhead Property Owners Association president Saturday after an election which saw several newcomers grab positions in the quasi-governmental entity.
Fletcher was the top performer in the president's race, taking 690 votes. Joseph Murray finished second with 534 and Robert McBee was a distant third with 290.
Over the past few years, Fletcher has been one of the most vocal opponents of the POA and the newly-formed city.
Fletcher said Monday that one of his main focuses will be to streamline the POA and work toward what is best for the community.
"A lot of people have said that I am anti-city," Fletcher said. "I'm not anti-city, I am against unnecessary government. I spoke with the mayor today and we both agreed that we are going to cut out duplication where possible. My goals as POA president are to lower dues; lower legal costs, manage our money better, and have a more transparent POA."
Fletcher said he will lay out his vision for the city at a public meeting Thursday at the country club.
He said the meeting will be open to everyone.
"We have nothing to hide," Fletcher said. "I think the voters were fed up with the secret methods which have been going on. A lot of things were done in private and that is not how we are going to operate."
In other races:
*Vice-President: Jerry Weber won by collecting 667 votes; Robert Reidenauer finished second with 415; Jerry Peppenger grabbed 284 votes; and Hal Landis finished fourth with 62.
*Treasurer: Michael Schaefer defeated Bob Marshall, 915 votes to 520.
*Secretary: Sharon McCulley became the new POA secretary by taking 938 votes to Nancy Sislow's 490.
*Four-year directors:
The top three of seven candidates won director spots. The top three vote-getters were Craig Harvey, 886; Paul Montjoy, 735; and Donald Silcio, 768.
*Two-year director:
Uwe Seitz was elected as a two-year director by defeating Charles Perry, 910- 482.


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