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Second Saturday Artwalk in Old Town Bay St. Louis
By Echo Staff
Jun 11, 2014, 14:14

The June Second Saturday Artwalk, taking place in Old Town Bay St. Louis on June 14th from 4 – 8 p.m., is the perfect backdrop to celebrate a family event like Father’s Day. After all, Dad is probably hoping for some quality family time instead of another bottle of aftershave. A night out at Second Saturday can fill the bill. Treat him to a meal at his favorite restaurant, catch sunset at the seawall, then browse through galleries and shops. Pay attention to what catches his eye, and you can sneak back later for a gift that will genuinely delight.

The Second Saturday Artwalk originally started with a simple premise: Art can make a community a better place. Now, two decades later, it’s difficult to imagine Bay St. Louis without Second Saturdays. Each month, families stroll the streets, galleries and shops are electric with activity and local restaurants brim with diners. New art shows, live music acts and shop specials attract locals and visitors from across the region.

Adding to the Second Saturday fun, each month two different Old Town merchants are tagged as “Hot Spots.” For the June 14th event, the spotlight falls on Magnolia Antiques (200 Main Street) and Full Moon Clockworks (301 Railroad Ave).

Walking through the doors of Magnolia Antiques you enter a world of the past, one that brings memories flooding back with each step. Corridors weave through 3000 feet lined with cases and shelves and furniture from another, simpler era. But you have to wonder, who’s the mastermind behind this magical array of collectibles and antiques?

There are actually four masterminds now. Glenda and Jack Schornick originally opened Magnolia Antiques in Old Town in 2007. Then in 2013, Schornick’s daughter, Shay Coss and her husband Randall Everett relocated from California and became part of daily operations.

The shop is located in a huge storefront at the corner of Main and Second Streets, one that housed a department store for over fifty years.

It’s still a department store of sorts. There’s the kitchenware department and the depression-glass department and the quirky-knick-knack department and the vintage-camera department. And then rows upon rows of items that could simply be categorized under a “Cool and Amazing Things” heading.

The younger generation of the family has added a new branch of the business too. Shay and Randall have created a gardening center in the midst of all the collectibles. Deep Roots Nursery is a fantastic resource for organic gardening - carrying heirloom and certified non-GMO seeds and starts, local compost and the finest organic fertilizers and amendments.

“After relocating from San Francisco last year, we craved access to the fresh, organic food we’d become so accustomed to,” says Shay. “My husband - the green thumb - already had a lot of experience in the horticultural world. He managed a garden shop for many years and has helped farmers in California increase the quality and yield of their crops.”

In addition to their location in Magnolia Antiques, watch for Deep Roots Nursery’s plants and fresh, organic produce at area’s farmer’s markets.

“The nursery offerings have been a great addition at the store,” says Glenda. “That’s always been the beauty of our shop - we don’t specialize.”

“To us, we represent the epitome of recycling,” says Glenda. “We have all that stuff you loved in your great-grandmother’s house, from pottery to kitchenware, from serious antiques to vintage and collectibles. And now we have her plants too!”

On Second Saturday, look for Glenda’s cousin, Cody Ross, will be performing live music. Inside, enjoy refreshments Glenda’s meatballs – a community favorites. All items marked JAX 10% off all day.

June’s other Hot Spot can be found just a stone’s throw from Main Street. Full Moon Clockworks (301 Railroad Ave) is home to the only old-school clockmaker in the area.

Stepping through the door of the shop will make a visitor feel as if they have literally stepped back through time. The front room of the historic cottage is absolutely filled with clocks of all ages, shapes and sizes. They hang from the walls, line the shelves and utterly surround the workbench of master clockmaker Terry Downs.

Downs is a horologist – someone trained to work with timekeeping devices. As a master clockmaker, she repairs and restores all sorts of antique and vintage clocks, a skill that is becoming increasingly rare.

Downs says that her profession is literally dying out, since the older clockmakers are either passing away or retiring and few younger people have an interest in mechanical things like “old-fashioned” clocks. And it’s a challenging profession, one that takes years to learn the required skills.

In the beginning of her own career, Downs apprenticed with a master clockmaker for two years and worked for him an additional twelve. She’s been working with clocks for over thirty years now, and is active in the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. She also serves as vice-president for the local chapter.

“Clock repairing is my passion,” she says. “I learned to fix clocks the old way. It’s not just a matter of mechanics. Restoring a clock back to the way it was meant to look and work is really an art-form.”

When Downs was looking for a location to open her own store in 2010, Bay St. Louis lured her away from New Orleans. She liked the historic charm of Old Town, as well as the sense of community. She and her husband purchased a historic cottage near the Depot in 2010 and began the extensive restoration process.

The cottage is featured on the Bay St. Louis Historic Walking Tour since it’s one of the rare Biloxi cottages on the west side of the Mississippi coast. A hallmark of the Biloxi style is a central chimney that serves corner fireplaces in four different rooms.

In addition to restoring clocks to a healthy working condition in her cottage workshop, like an old-fashioned doctor, Downs also makes house-calls when necessary – mostly for grandfather clocks.

Since she’s sometimes out “on-call,” customers are encouraged to make appointments for a clock consultation.

When asked about the allure of her unusual profession, Downs quotes M.F. Tennant, author of “The Art of the Painted Dial.”

“I love clockwork because it is complex and yet simple, beautiful, and elegant… Everything about the order of the turning wheels that is applied over and over to create an item that keeps time regularly and that predicts sunrise and sunset is marvelous.”

Note: Full Moon Clockworks will not be open during the evening on Second Saturday. Please call Terry Downs at 228.467.4345 for an appointment or consultation.

For additional information about Second Saturday activities go to: www.baystlouisoldtown.com


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