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Rose says DH council ruined his reputation
By Geoff Belcher
Jun 6, 2014, 18:43

Former Diamondhead City Manager Richard Rose said this week that despite what the city council may do or think he isn't going away quietly.
The council voted to oust Rose on April 23, but was statutorily required to offer him a public hearing, if he requested it. The council conducted that hearing on Tuesday, but Rose didn't show.
Councilmen affirmed his dismissal.
However, on Thursday, Rose issued a public statement on the Sea Coast Echo's Facebook page: "Friends, you have seen the recent stories about me ... (but) there is another side of the story."
Rose pointed to the work he had done over the past two years: "Building the city from scratch is not easy, they hired me in February 2012, to take on this monumental challenge and I appreciated every single day. I worked my tail off daily as did my employees. there were and are hundreds of things to do."
Rose said that he and the people he had hired had established a city government and all of its departments and that he had "authored dozens of requests for proposals, resolutions and ordinances, developed various procedures, protocols and plans."
He also pointed to the 2013 audit report issued in March.
"The auditing firm publicly stated ... there are no issues with Diamondhead financial reports and we are very transparent with our financial documents," he said.
Rose said that the 30 minutes the council offered him at the hearing to present his side were inadequate. He also said that some of the remarks councilmen made about his work and character have "ruined his reputation" and hinted about possible litigation.
"My attorneys, Jim Halliday's Law Firm and Vaughn and Bowden Law Firm tell me I must wait for a circuit judge to decide if I was wronged," Rose said, "and get a proper public hearing that will not be limited to 30 minutes but allows me to present witnesses, testimony and evidence... I pray this doesn't take long as I am ready to tell my side, .. My credibility and reputation have been destroyed by their vicious and unproven and reckless comments. And I want my credibility and reputation back."


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