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Bay partners with Harbor Fest to celebrate marina’s grand opening
By Dwayne Bremer
May 12, 2014, 09:04

MIichael Grimm performs at the first annual Harbor Fest in Bay St. Louis last year.

The city of Bay St. Louis wants to throw a big party for the grand opening of the new municipal harbor/marina this summer and has partnered with Bay Harbor Fest to do it.
Bay Harbor Fest founder Mike Rosato asked the Bay St. Louis City Council Tuesday to consider partnering with his group for the grand opening of the harbor.
Rosato likened the opening of the harbor to the opening of the Bay St. Louis Bridge a few years ago and the subsequent Bridge Fest.
Bay Harbor Fest was supposed to take place on Memorial Day weekend this year; however, the event has been pushed back because the harbor is not yet completed.
Rosato said his group can put on a two-day event centered around the opening of the harbor that would be a scaled-down version of last year's festival, but free to the public.
He said he is eyeing six-to-eight bands to perform Friday evening and on Saturday, culminating in the grand opening of the harbor later on Saturday.
Councilman Bobby Compretta said he liked the idea.
"This is a $25 million project," Compretta said. "We need to do something big."
Under the city's contract with Harbor Fest last year, it received two percent of the proceeds from ticket sales.
Rosato said there would not be any ticket sales for the event this year because the event would be free, but he offered to extend the city's contract with Harbor Fest for an additional year, if the concil agreed
Additionally, he said, Harbor Fest will put on the event at no cost to the city and the event will be located on the harbor grounds only.
"We will provide our own security and clean-up crew," he said. "There will be no cost to the city and no street closures.
The city council voted 7-0 for the measure.
The date for the event, however, has yet to be set.
Rasato said his group can put on the event anytime after July 24, when the city expects to have the harbor completed.


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