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21 candidates seek DH POA posts
By Dwayne Bremer
May 2, 2014, 19:23

Twenty-one Diamondhead residents have signed up for next month's Diamondhead Property Owners Association elections.
The POA elections will be held on Saturday June 21 at the community center.
The POA is a quasi-governmental agency which oversees the amenities in the community.
This year's elections will be the first since the city first elected a mayor and council last year.
Three people are seeking the POA president's position, John Fletcher, Joe Murray, and Robert (Bob) McBee. Both Fletcher and Murray unsuccessfully ran for offices in last year's city elections.
In the vice-president's race there are four candidates: Hal Landis, Jerry Peppenger, Robert Reidenauer and Jerry Weber.
Sharon McCulley and Nancy Sislow will square off for the secretary position and Bob Marshall and Michael Schaefer will face off for treasurer.
William Nutting, Charles Perry, and Uwe Seitz will vie for a two-year director spot.
In the four-year director slot, seven candidates have signed up.
Voters will be able to cast ballots for three of the seven candidates for four-year director.
The list includes Jay Botsay, Darryl Davis Jr., Jesse Flies, Craig Harvey, Donald Laird, Paul Montjoy, and Donald Silcio.
Diamondhead residents can cast ballots at the community center on June 21 or they have the option to assign a proxies to vote on their behalf.
The results of the elections will be made public at the country club later in the evening on June 21.


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