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Update: Man arrested after drug raid where pit bull attacked deputy
By Dwayne Bremer
Apr 29, 2014, 18:32

Jacob Dodd
A Hancock County Sheriff's Deputy was bitten by a pit bull Tuesday and the animal was later shot and killed, authorities said Tuesday.
Hancock County Chief Deputy Don Bass said Tuesday that deputies were serving a search warrant at a residence on Ana Houla Street in Diamondhead about 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.
While searching the residence, Deputy Bill Covington was attacked by a pit bull in one of the bedrooms, Sheriff Ricky Adam said.
"The dog came towards the deputy, who pulled out pepper spray to try to stop it," Adam said. "The dog latched on to the deputy's hand and did not let go. The dog was then put down."
Adam said Covington suffered injuries to his hand and may possibly have a broken finger. Luckily, Adam said, Covington was wearing gloves.
Firefighters treated Covington at the scene and he was later taken to Hancock Medical Center for further treatment, Adam said.
Narcotics agents discovered a large amount of materials used to make meth in the home.
On Wednesday, the tenant of the home, Jacob Dodd, 33, turned himself in at the Hancock County Jail.
Dodd was apparently not home when the search warrant was executed Tuesday, officials said.
Jail records show that Dodd is charged with two counts of possession of controlled substance and generation of hazardous waste.
Adam said the case remains under investigation.


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