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Waveland: Jeff Davis, Gulfside work back on track
By Geoff Belcher
Apr 25, 2014, 21:24

Workers from Picayune-based HRL on Friday dig up Jeff Davis Ave. near Fell Grass to access the old, faulty sewer line and replace it. Work has been delayed due to weather, but a second crew has the work back on track, officials say.

Frequent, heavy rains have delayed some much-needed road and utility improvements in Waveland lately, but officials said Friday that one major project is back on schedule.
The city began the $3.5 million Jeff Davis Ave. and Gulfside St. Sewer Improvement project back in January, under a Katrina Community Block Grant.
"Of course, the rain has held things up a little bit," Waveland Mayor David Garcia said. "We're putting the new sewer line down now. Once we get that done, it will be blacktopped."
Bruce Newton, of the Waveland-based civil engineering firm Digital Engineering, is over-seeing the project. The contracting firm doing the work is HRL, based in Picayune.
Newton said Friday that HRL has brought in a second crew to help make up for the rain delays.
The work hasn't been easy, he said.
"On Jeff Davis, we're replacing the old sewer line," Newton said. "Prior to the contractor starting, had a couple of cave-ins. Gulfside is a little bit different in that we're not tearing out the entire line - just replacing some manholes
"The repair work there will be done sub-surface, so we won't open the road in a lot of spots. Jeff Davis was almost a complete rebuild because the line goes down the middle of the street.
“We had a meeting with the corps of engineers a couple of days ago, looks like there's a good possibility may be able to replace the water line, too. That's good, because the Corps of Engineers is funding 75 percent of the work."
Now that the second HRL crew has joined in, the project is back on track to be complete by early September, Newton said, just a few days after the initial completion date of Aug. 31.


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