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13 Hancock residents jailed in drug sweep
By Geoff Belcher
Apr 9, 2014, 16:38

The Hancock County Sheriff's Office, in conjunction with the Waveland Police Department and the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, on Wednesday arrested 13 people in a drug-roundup.
"Over the last 24 hours, the Hancock County Narcotics Division has arrested several subjects on various felony drug charges throughout Hancock County," Narcotics Division Cmdr. Jeremy Skinner said in a press release issued Wednesday. "All subjects were arrested on outstanding felony warrants that stemmed from the sale, distribution, possession or acquisition of illegal narcotics.
"While several of these investigations produced the sale and distribution of heroin and Methamphetamine (ICE), Agents also focused on persons who were illegally obtaining legal prescriptions fraudulently; “doctor shopping”. Doctor shopping refers to the practice of a patient requesting care from multiple physicians, often simultaneously. This usually stems from a patient’s addiction to, or reliance on, certain prescription drugs or the desire for someone to obtain these prescription drugs with the intent to sell them for profit.
"Additionally agents along with corrections staff work regularly to ensure that no contraband enters the correctional facility. Through investigations, agents discovered multiple people conspiring to have illegal substances delivered to or brought into the jail. Agents were able to disrupt the plans, seize the illegal narcotics and arrest the individuals both delivering and receiving these items."
Those arrested include the following:
• Wilbert Ricks: 34, Waveland, five counts sale of a controlled substance.
• Genevieve Dennis: 69, Waveland, two counts sale of a controlled substance.
• Jay Kelley: 43, Waveland, Acquisition by fraud.
• Patricia Flake: 35, Waveland, sale of a controlled substance.
• James Doyle Jr.: 21, Bayside Community, sale of a controlled substance.
• Joshua Dear: 30, Bayside Community, two counts sale of a controlled substance.
• Kevin Bush: 48, Bay St. Louis, two counts felony possession of a controlled substance.
• Christopher Smith: 48, Kiln, three counts acquisition by fraud.
• Cody Moran: 23, Lakeshore, Sale of a controlled substance.
• Stephanie Sharp: 22, Vancleave, sale of a controlled substance.
• Kipp Daniels: 27, Bay St. Louis, two counts conspiracy to transfer a controlled substance.
• Kisha Barousee: 34, Bay St. Louis, possession with intent to distribute.
• Brandy Gordon: 30, Bay St. Louis, two counts conspiracy to transfer a controlled substance.  


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