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DH activist group supports plan to build casino in unpopulated location
By Dwayne Bremer
Apr 8, 2014, 19:31

BOfficials of an activist group in Diamondhead said Monday that the group supports the concept of a future casino built on property owned by the Diamondhead Casino Corporation (DHCC.)
The Veritas group is made up of residents from both north and south Diamondhead.
In the past, Veritas has opposed casino developments such as the Jacobs Entertainment casino proposed near Harbor House.
However, group spokeswoman Nicole Boisdore said Monday that the group is not "anti-casino," and it initially supportive of DHCC's concept.
“Our official position is that we support, in concept, the idea of a casino-resort operation contained within the previously approved site owned by Diamondhead Casino Corporation,” Boisdore said. “Currently there is no project from either company before the Mississippi Gaming Commission, therefore, until a plan or project surfaces, our support remains in theory. We categorically oppose any gaming development located in the center of a covenant protected, residentially zoned neighborhood." DHCC, formerly Casino World, owns about 400 acres of land south and west of the city.
Company officials have been talking about building a casino on the property for more than a decade; however, that has not happened yet.
Last week, the company announced that it has named a new chairman and the group is ramping up efforts to bring a casino to the community.
Unlike the Jacobs project, DHCC's property is not located in a residential area.
"Most of us on the south side bought homes or rebuilt knowing that this project was a possibility," Boisdore said. "We are not anti-gaming, we are against putting a project in a high-traffic and covenant-protected area. Provided it is a quality project, we support it the concept."
The Veritas group is not alone in supporting gaming in Diamondhead.
During last year's election, the majority of candidates seeking office stated they were in favor of a casino in the city.
Mayor Tommy Schafer said last week that he hopes DHCC will move forward with its plans and bring a casino to the city.
DHCC's property is already zoned as a "casino resort" district, he said.
If DHCC were to develop a master plan, it would need to submit it to the city and then to the Mississippi Gaming Commission for approval before a casino could be built.


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