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Hancock County Schools eyeing new arts center
By Dwayne Bremer
Apr 4, 2014, 20:08

An artists conception of the Hancock County School District's new performing arts center shows a grand facility which soon will be built on school grounds. The school district is currently accepting bids on the project.

The Hancock County School District is accepting bids on a new 900-seat performing arts center which will be built at the high school campus on Stennis Airport Drive.
Hancock Superintendent of Education Alan Dedeaux said Friday that the district is accepting bids until April 22.
The bids will be opened on April 24 and awarded soon after, he said.
The district plans to build an assembly hall on land between the high school and vo-tech center, Dedeaux said.
It will include a stage, orchestra pit, state-of-the-art lighting and acoustics, and enough room to seat 900 people, he said.
"This center is going to rival any at a high school in the state," Dedeaux said. "We have a lot of students who are gifted in the arts. This will give them a place to showcase their talents."
The center will be used for concerts, plays, school events, and more, Dedeaux said.
"We also want to get the public involved," he said. "This facility will also be available to them for all types of events."
Dedeaux said the school district has funds on hand from a bond issue to construct the center.
He said construction will most likely begin in early summer and be complete by next year.
The performing arts center is part of the school district's plan to upgrade facilities across the county.
Since Hurricane Katrina, the district has built new schools in Leetown and Lakeshore, renovated Hancock North Central and East Hancock elementariness, and made other improvements such as installing field turf at the high school athletic field.
"We are trying our best to upgrade and modernize our facilities," Dedeaux said. "We want our children to have the best facilities available to them."


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