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Students hoping ‘duck feet’ will get patrons to flock to Moseley Museum
By Cassandra Favre
Mar 11, 2014, 17:15

South Hancock gifted students, Skyler Pasquarello and Jazzy Gelinas were responsible for filling in the duck feet after other students traced them.

"Follow the Feet" to the Alice Moseley Folk Art and Antique Museum.
On Monday, students from South Hancock Elementary School's fifth grade gifted-program painted duck feet leading from the duck pond to the museum in Bay St. Louis' Depot District.
Museum curator Geralyn Bleau said the students thought up the idea after they visited the museum.
"They came and learned about Alice," Bleau said. "We talked about how to set up a museum, went over selling prints and they learned about insurance.
"They began to feel like it was their museum and wanted to do a project."
Bleau said that the museum has seen about 7,000 visitors this first year, but not many are locals.
The duck pond, which is about 200 yards from the Depot, will mark the beginning of "Follow the Feet."
"This project is to encourage more local visitors to the Moseley museum," gifted teacher Bonny Skutch said. "The students thought up ways to attract visitors of the duck pond to the Depot to learn more about the art of Alice Moseley."
The students presented their project at last month's Bay St. Louis City Council meeting.
"The thing that excited me the most," Bleau said, "was to see the young people going to a city council meeting and learn that they do have a voice and can participate.
"They showed a picture of the sign and duck feet stencils, a chart measuring distance from pond to museum, and they figured out how many duck feet they needed, how much paint they needed and how much it would all cost."
The student-designed sign will mark the beginning of the yellow duck prints.
Matt Ladner, father of gifted student Wyatt Ladner, made the duck feet stencil the children used to paint.
"They really are a bright group of children," Bleau said. "They really seem to be enjoying it.
"It's not just a train depot, it's a living breathing museum."
The students received T-shirts saying "Follow the Feet," courtesy of Jim's Little Zoo and Ward Six Councilman Lonnie Falgout.
Lunch was provided by Sloppy Dogs.
Visit the website at www.alicemoseley.com and on Facebook at Alice Moseley Folk Art and Antique Museum.


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