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Bay gets creative in fundraising efforts
By Cassandra Favre
Feb 25, 2014, 18:49

Flamingos appeared in the Bay-Waveland area beginning in January to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

Last year, the Bay St. Louis Relay for Life team raised more than $6,500 for the American Cancer Society, and officials said this year they aim to beat that number.
"We started last year and went all out as a full participant," team captain Paula Fairconnetue said Monday. "We were the top winners for Hancock County.
"This year, we are working equally as hard to raise as much as we can."
From bake sales to red beans and flamingos, this year's fundraising efforts are causing quite the stir around town.
"In December, we offered Christmas gift-wrapping," Fairconnetue said. "Our February's red-beans-and-rice lunch was a big hit and city employees donated all of the food and their time to cook the beans.
"A Valentine's basket filled with sweets for your sweet was raffled off, also."
Beginning in January, pink and purple flamingos flocked the town.
"People can call and for $10 send the flock of flamingos to someone's yard," Fairconnetue said. "The flock usually stays about 24 hours and is removed by our 'removal technicians' to be transported to their new location."
The team also offers flocking insurance for only $30, which also allows you to flock the person of your choice.
Coming up on April 1, you can have your loved ones arrested in the name of cancer.
"You can already nominate people to be jailed," Fairconnetue said. "They will be picked up by law enforcement and taken to an imitation jail at city hall.
"They then contact friends and family to help raise their bail money."
In March, the fire department will host a boot shake on the highway, Fairconnetue said.
"March 5-7, we will be having another bake sale at city hall," Fairconnetue said. "If you've given up sweets for Lent, come buy some for that sweets lover in your life."
On Saturday, April, 5 at the Stella's Blues and BBQ Festival, the city team will host a corn-hole tournament.
"Our goal is to raise as much as we can," Fairconnetue said. "We all have someone we know, if not a relative, affected by this disease.
"There's been a lot of community participation and we couldn't do this without our employee participation. Employees give up their hours to volunteer during the day as well as swapping times and taking turns to put on these events."
Mayor Les Fillingame said it's really great to see the employees participate in such an important event.
"I'm extremely proud of them and it's really a lot of fun," Fillingame said. "They took this on last year as a team to make a difference and not only did they accomplish that, but also finished first in the county.
"It's really good to see the employees working together. They give so much of themselves; their lunch hours and evenings."
This year's Relay for Life walk will be on April 26 at the city's depot grounds at 1928 Depot Way.
"The theme for the race is "cartoon characters," Fairconnetue said. "Each team will dress up as their favorite characters.
"Team BSL will be dressing up as Josie and the Pussycats."
Visit the website at baystlouisrelay.wix.com/relayforlife for more information. Contact team captains Paula Fairconnetue at 466-5458 and Jerry Beaugez at 466-5538 to participate in fund-raising activities.


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