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Bayside man jailed for rape
By Dwayne Bremer
Feb 18, 2014, 18:19

Hancock County Sheriff's investigators last week arrested a local man and charged him with rape in connection with an alleged incident at a Bayside Park residence on Jan. 22.
Hancock County Sheriff's Chief Investigator Glenn Grannan said Tuesday that Stephen Engolia, 43, was arrested last week.
According to Grannan, the alleged victim -- an adult female in her mid-20s -- was visiting friends at a residence in Bayside Park on Jan. 22 when Engolia arrived at the home. Grannan said the victim and Engolia knew each other.
"At some point, he took her in the bedroom, violently attacked and raped her," Grannan said.
The victim went to Hancock Medical Center the following day, Grannan said. The Bay St. Louis Police Department responded to the hospital, but it later notified Sheriff's Investigator Stephanie Stewart since the crime took place in Bayside Park, Grannan said.
Stewart obtained a statement from the victim who identified Engolia as the suspect, Grannan said.
Stewart also obtained several things of evidentiary value related to the alleged rape, Grannan said.
Police located Engolia and called him in for questioning last week, Grannan said.
Engolia denied any involvement in the rape and refused to give a DNA sample, Grannan said.
Stewart then obtained a search warrant for Engolia's DNA and a sample was obtained, Grannan said.
Engolia was then arrested and charged with rape. He was later released on a $75,000 bond.


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