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Bay to add day pier to harbor project
By Cassandra Favre
Feb 14, 2014, 20:21

View of Bay St. Louis Municipal Harbor and Pier project, looking east at the Rutherford Pier entrance. The concrete slab in the center of the photo is the location of the Comfort Station.

The Bay St. Louis City Council last week approved a change order to the harbor project which provides for a day pier at the cost of $150,000 and adds an additional thirty days to the contract.
Jason Chiniche, project engineer for Brown, Mitchell & Alexander, Inc. said Friday that the pier cost is well within the $21 million construction budget and is approved by the Mississippi Development Authority, which administers the CDBG grant, which covers most of the harbor cost.
"The day pier is a fixed pier," Chiniche said. "It will be located adjacent to the Rutherford Pier on the inside of the harbor.
"The purpose of this pier is for the smaller boats to dock and tie up for the day."
Chiniche said it is a way for local boaters to have a spot to tie up for the day and spend their time shopping and eating downtown."
The day pier will be 350 feet long and about six feet wide.
Chiniche said the day pier idea was included as an alternate project in the projected bid.
"If the bids come in low enough," Chiniche said. "then you have enough to add one or two items and the day pier was one of those."
The original day pier alternate was a 450-foot floating pier and cost about $223,000.
"We felt the fixed pier was more applicable to this location." Chiniche said. "The fixed pier will hold up better in a hurricane and with the day pier, there is a savings of $73,000.
As of Friday, Chiniche said that the harbor is about eighty percent complete.
"Right now they are installing the hand rails on Rutherford Pier," Chiniche said. "They are placing decking along harbor piers.
"Most of the work is being done in the parking lot, the area between the seawall and harbor. This work is the utility work, sidewalks and painting."
Chiniche said he attends most of the harbor commission's meetings on Tuesdays at 3 p.m. at the Bay St. Louis fire station on Main Street.
"It's good to talk to those guys," Chiniche said. "All the amendments and change orders go through them.
"They are easy to talk to, I like the setting and they really do cover a lot of topics."
Chiniche said that the harbor completion date is now June 23.
Chiniche manages a harbor blog complete with construction photos and a general description of each photo.
Follow the blog at www.bslharbor.blogspot.com.


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