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Ziggy’s Quest: Skateboarding the nation for cancer awareness
By Cassandra Favre
Feb 11, 2014, 20:17

Ziggy's Breast Quest founder Brian Zygmontowicz stopped in Bay St. Louis on Friday. Zygmontowicz is skateboarding around the United States raising awareness and funds for cancer research.

Ziggy's Breast Quest is a quest like no other. 28-year old Michigan native Brian Zygmontowicz is skateboarding around the border of the United States to raise awareness for a cause near and dear to his heart, cancer. His journey brought him to Bay St. Louis last week.
"The quest originally started with breast cancer awareness," Zygmontowicz said Friday. "Now, it's for all cancers in general. I just wanted to do something for someone other than myself."
Zygmontowicz began his journey in Brunswick, Maine, on May 15, 2013.
"I mostly stay on the back roads," Zygmontowicz said. "I only take rides if it's absolutely necessary.
"I usually travel about 30 to 40 miles a day."
Zygmontowicz relies on the charity of others and donations to keep him going.
"I have no money, no sponsors, it's all donations that keep me on the road," Zygmontowicz said. "I call around to the local bed-and-breakfasts and tell them my story.
"I have backpacking gear and a sleeping bag for when I have to sleep in the elements."
On Thursday night, Bay St. Louis' Bay Town Inn owner Nikki Moon provided Zygmontowicz with a place to stay.
"He was such a nice guy," Moon said. "It's for such a good cause, I just had to put him up.
"I'm very impressed with what he's doing. I have two friends who won their battle against breast cancer, so it's personal for me."
Zygmontowicz's quest also touched the heart of Indian Pass, Fla. chef, Torie Greer.
"One night he came into my restaurant, The Indian Pass Raw Bar," Greer said. "He ordered some boiled shrimp and just fit right in.
"When he came back later that night, I invited him to my house and he told me his skateboarding story."
Greer said cancer runs in her family and she is touched by his reasoning and motivation.
"He's a really interesting character," Greer said. "I think what he's doing is awesome, we still keep in contact and my family and I donated to his foundation."
When he's not skateboarding across the nation, Zygmontowicz spends his time woodworking and working on cell phone towers.
"My family has been super supportive," Zygmontowicz said. "I have one brother and one sister."
Zygmontowicz's life, like so many others, has been affected by the often deadly disease.
"My dad, aunt and uncle had it," Zygmontowicz said. "I had one grandfather die of cancer."
Dave Zygmontowicz, a cancer survivor himself, said he is proud of his son.
"He's doing a good thing raising money for cancer research," Dave said. "He's always been a free spirit, it's not something that I could do.
"Hopefully, he will get some people to support his quest for cancer."
Zygmontowicz said he believes his quest will take him about two or three more years to complete.
"It's been a lot of fun and I meet a lot of great people," Zygmontowicz said.
Follow Zygmontowicz on Facebook at Ziggy's Breast Quest and on Instagram at ziggysbreastquest. Visit the website at ziggysbreastquest.org to find out how you can sponsor or donate to the quest.


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