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Move to Learn: BWSD stars in statewide school video series
By Echo Staff
Feb 4, 2014, 21:16

Scott Clements (right), director of the Mississippi Department of Education's Office of Healthy Schools, at the North Bay Elementary “red carpet” premier of the Move to Learn videos filmed at the school. Coach Kenny Guess (second from right) is featured in several of the videos along with students from the district. Also present are, left to right, North Bay Elementary Principal Toy Watts, Move to Learn Coach Larry Calhoun and BWSD Superintendent Rebecca Ladner.

This school year, students and a coach in the Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District starred in a series of Move to Learn videos, a statewide program that helps teachers incorporate physical activity into lesson plans through five-minute exercise videos.
The Bower Foundation and the Mississippi Department of Education launched the initiative in 2012.
North Bay Elementary was chosen as the site for the filming of ten new videos in the Move to Learn series that features students performing simple movement exercises that can be done in a small space in a short time. The short fitness breaks in the classroom improve students' abilities to focus on schoolwork and contribute to a positive learning environment.
Coach Kenny Guess, health and physical activity instructor, along with third and sixth graders from the district, participated in the videos with Move to Learn Coach Larry Calhoun. The filming took place in two sessions held on Saturdays. Coach Calhoun and representatives from the Bower Foundation and the MDE's Office of Healthy Schools later attended a “red carpet” premier of the new videos at North Bay.
“Brief physical activity and increased fitness improve learning and test scores,” said Scott Clements, director of MDE's Office of Healthy Schools.
“With this in mind, Move to Learn was designed to be fun for students, improve learning and assist teachers with classroom management.”
The activities in the Move to Learn videos are also great fun. They graduate from easy to more difficult, involving an array of laughter and enthusiasm that stimulates brain activity via cardiovascular movements and routines.
"The students at North Bay work very hard each day on academics. The Move to Learn is an excellent opportunity for teachers to incorporate more physical activity into the students' day. The students enjoy it, too. It's a game changer for the better," said Coach Guess.
“Improving nutrition and physical activity levels for Mississippi school children is a priority; healthy children are more likely to be successful,” said Anne Travis, CEO of the Bower Foundation.
Student health and wellness are also high priorities locally in the district. “We have a very health conscious community in the cities of Bay St. Louis and Waveland that truly embraces the connection between health and lifelong student achievement,” said Brad Barlow, the district's registered dietitian and food service director.
More information about the Bower Foundation's Move to Learn programs can be found at MoveToLearnMS.org.
To see a sample video starring our own students and Coach Guess, look for the video titled “Catcher / Prepositions.”


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