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Aldermen prepare for elections in Waveland
By Dwayne Bremer
Jan 31, 2014, 17:41

Waveland's municipal elections are still ten months away, but three of its aldermen have already announced plans to seek re-election.
Aldermen Ricky Geoffrey (Ward Two), Shane Lafontaine (Ward Three) and Mark Kidd (Ward Four) all said this week that they plan to run for re-election of their respective seats.
In January, Mayor David Garcia announced he would be seeking a second term.
Ward One Aldermen Lili Stahler is the only elected official in the city who is not seeking re-election.
Garcia said last week that the board of aldermen will "call" the election within a few months and will announce times and dates for qualifying.
The city's primary election will be held on Nov. 4 and the general election is scheduled for Dec. 2.
If there were to be a runoff on the primary elections, it would be held at a later date in November. The general election is a winner take all election.
Voters in all wards will be able to cast their ballots at the fire station on Coleman Avenue on both dates.
In 2010, three parties (Democrat, Republican, and Libertarian) presented candidates for the city's elections.
Geoffrey, a Democrat, will be seeking his fourth term in office.
Kidd and Lafontaine, also Democrats, will be seeking their respective second terms.
So far, no non-incumbent candidates have officially announced their intentions to run for office this fall.


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