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Waveland changing its voting districts
By Dwayne Bremer
Jan 24, 2014, 19:31

The Waveland Board of Aldermen on Wednesday approved a new re-districting plan, and -- thanks to a recent supreme court ruling--the city no longer needs U.S. Justice Department approval.
Aldermen voted 4-0 to approve the plan to go into effect in time for this November's municipal elections.
Under the new plan, the city will maintain its four wards with slight changes to the number of voters in each individual ward.
Ward Four will remain the largest ward geographically and will gain more than 200 voters.
Ward Four currently has 1,352 voters. It will bump up to 1,579.
Ward Three will also see a slight bump, moving from 1,527 voters to 1,643.
The extra voters in wards Three and Four will be taken from wards One and Two.
Ward One will see a decrease in voters from 1,777 to 1,550. Ward Two will decrease from 1,780 to 1,664.
Mayor David Garcia said Wednesday that although some voters may now be voting in different wards, it will not affect where they vote during municipal elections.
Municipal elections for all wards will be held at the fire station on Coleman Avenue. Garcia said voters who may have a question about which ward they vote in can call city hall at 228-467-4134.
The redistricting plan was formulated by the urban development group Slaughter and Associates.
Attorney Chad Mask, who assisted on the plan, told aldermen Wednesday that it will now be forwarded to the Mississippi Secretary of State's office.


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