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INFINITY is ‘Evolving’
By Dwayne Bremer
Jan 24, 2014, 19:32

The INFINITY Science Center, which opened in 2012, is “refining its scientific content and visitor experience.”

The INFINITY Science Center in Hancock County is fast approaching its second birthday and officials said last week that the center is now focusing on refining its scientific content and visitor experience.
INFINITY Executive Director John Wilson said Friday that it is "evolving" as time goes on.
Wilson, a 20-year NASA employee, was named executive director last September. INFINITY had previously been managed by the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce, but its board of directors chose to quit outsourcing and hire its own director.
Chamber Executive Director Tish WIlliams said Friday that the chamber is still a "marketing partner" with INFINITY, although it no longer handles the day-to-day operations.
"It got to where it was a full-time job," Williams said Friday. "In 17 months, we raised over $2 million. I think we left them in good hands. We feel really good about what is going on there and we are going to help them wherever we are able too."
Wilson said he hopes to build on the success INFINITY has already had.
"We are starting to ramp up the next phase of our plan," he said. "When INFINITY opened, it had to market itself and the Chamber did a fine job," Wilson said. "Now it's time to improve our science content, educational awareness, and visitor experience.
Wilson said INFINITY personnel are planning an event for the facility's two-year anniversary in April, but the specifics will be released later.


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