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100 Men Hall documentary to be featured at film festival
By Cassandra Favre
Jan 21, 2014, 18:23

Cover art for the 100 Men Hall documentary “Call Before Demo.”

The documentary "Call Before Demo: Resurrecting a Legendary Blues Hall" about Bay St. Louis' 100 Men D.B.A Hall will be featured at the fourth annual Clarksdale Film Festival on Friday,100 Men Hall CEO Kerrie Loya announced Friday.
"We just can't believe it," Loya said Monday. "This is a wonderful thing. This film festival is a big deal in Mississippi."
Kerrie and husband Jessie produced and mixed the music for the documentary which features local artists Pat Murphy and Guitar Bo, among others.
"2013 was such a great year for the hall and non-profit," Loya said. "The numbers have grown at shows.
"I've always felt the hall deserved national attention and we're edging closer."
Loya said the idea for the documentary just popped into her head one day.
"The hall gets lots of visitors," Loya said. "So I told the board that we needed to do a simple and informative industrial type video. There's really a lot of history here, After the documentary came out, more locals came and told us their juicy stories about the hall."
The documentary tells a bit about the non-musical history of the hall, what it looked like before and after Katrina and the Loyas' own struggles getting it back up and running.
"We're just thrilled that we are going to get exposure in a well-respected film festival," Loya said. "This is great for the Gulf Coast as well as Bay St. Louis."
"I can't wait to see this film on the big screen," music, entertainment and booking agent for the film festival Roger Stolle said. "It's real near and dear to my heart to see the venues saved. Without the venues, it's hard for an artist to perform. I love the idea that here's a building they saved and brought back to life. It's such an important project."
The documentary will be shown on Friday at 4:05 p.m. at the Delta Cinema building in Clarksdale.
Visit the Clarksdale Film Festival website at jukejointfestival.com and Facebook at Clarksdale Film Festival.
Visit the 100 Men D.B.A. Hall website at 100menhall.org to purchase a copy of the documentary.
Find the hall on Facebook at 100 Men D.B.A. Hall.


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