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Social media group aims to ‘de-annex’ Bay Wards 5 & 6
By Cassandra Favre
Jan 17, 2014, 18:33

There's a new group in town. It's called Restore Bay St. Louis and the purpose, according to the Facebook page, is to bring awareness to the de-annexation of Wards Five and Six in Bay St. Louis.
The Facebook page was created on Jan. 12.
In 2006, Bay St. Louis annexed all of the land north and east of Longfellow Road extending to I-10, a strip of land on the west side of Highway 603 from Central Street to I-10 and 300 acres of land north of I-10.
In a Facebook comment written Thursday, Restore BaystLouis said that, "supporters of de-annexation are sympathetic to those in the annexed area, but the annexation has proven to be an unsustainable burden on the city. And all would be better off if the city was returned to its earlier boundaries and the annexed area returned to the county."
"I don't believe anybody voted for the annexation in the first place," Ward Five Councilman Joey Boudin said Friday. "But we did annex and now it's time to fix the amenities out there.
"I don't think they want to be de-annexed, just want the services brought up to quality."
"There was a reason for the city and people for the annexation," former Mayor Eddie Favre said Friday. "For the people, it was to provide better services and I think that's happening, although I know there may be some shortcomings.
"The main purpose for the city was to give room for commercial growth on 603. It was all for benefiting the city."
"Every ward costs money to service," Mayor Les Fillingame said Friday. "We have a lot to do out there in Wards five and six, but as far as I'm concerned this city is going forward together."
Mayor Fillingame lives in what used to be part of Ward 4, but when it was redistricted became part of Ward 5.
According to the page, there are public and court documents available that show the costs to Bay St. Louis related to the annexation that surpass tax returns.
For more contact restorebsl@gmail.com or visit the Facebook page at Restore Baystlouis.
An e-mail sent to Restore Baystlouis Friday was not returned by press time.


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