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Waveland Police warn shoppers to be aware of criminal activities
By Ellis C. Cuevas
Dec 3, 2013, 21:38

Waveland Police Chief David Allen warns shoppers to be aware that the Christmas shopping season causes an increase in criminal activity, often “because of shoppers not paying attention to their purses and wallets,” he said.
"Waveland Police Department would like to remind everyone that the Christmas shopping season is upon us. Along with our holiday cheer comes criminals’ eagerness to take advantage of every opportunity presented them,” Allen said.
"We have already begun seeing cases where a person – and in some cases, teams of people – are watching for open and unattended purses to take whatever they can. In one recent case, a woman’s wallet was lifted from her purse as she was shopping and over $1,000 was spent on her credit card before she realized her wallet was missing.
"While shopping this holiday season, be extra vigilant about your surroundings. Lock valuables in your trunk, or hide them in your locked car. Keep your wallet in your purse and keep the purse closed and in your sight.
"Do not leave your buggy with your purse in it unattended; this is simply asking for trouble. If your wallet does come up missing, contact the police, your bank, and credit card companies immediately.
"If you have packages delivered to your home, try to have someone meet the delivery company so the packages are not visible on your porch as thefts of packages left on porches is another common occurrence."
If anyone has any questions or concerns, or wishes to provide tips about criminal activity, please contact the Waveland Police Department at 228-467-3669.


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