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Search Ends in Tragedy: Body of Man Last Seen on Bay Bridge found in Pass
By Cassandra Favre
Oct 8, 2013, 21:13

A DMR patrol boat on Monday searches the Bay for the remains of Cody Duncan.

Family members confirmed on Tuesday that missing Pass Christian resident Cody Duncan's remains were found Monday night.
Duncan was last seen during Saturday's early morning hours.
"We decided to go out Friday night," Duncan's friend Jared Huber said. "We rode our bikes across the Bay Bridge.
"We ate and listened to music at the Blind Tiger, then went to Gabbies to play pool and have a couple of beers."
Jared said they left Gabbies at around 1:30 a.m. and started riding their bikes on the bridge back home to Pass Christian.
"Cody got ahead of me and out sight," Huber said. "When I caught up, it was just his bike there.
"At the time, I thought he just went on ahead or had his wife pick him up."
"I pushed both bikes back over the bridge," Huber said. "It was after 4 a.m.
"When I got back to the house, he wasn't there. His wife was still up and we kept trying to call his cell phone, but all we got was his voicemail."
Huber said they had been looking for him ever since and filed a police report on Saturday morning.
"Friends and family traveled here to help," Huber said.
"Friday was a fabulous day," Duncan's mother-in-law Dede Rust said. "Cody was a happy family man.
"My daughter Haley and her husband Cody moved here from Lafayette, La., and they just love it here, they call it paradise."
"Cody has an eight-year old daughter named Joey," Rust said. "They are two peas in a pod.
"He was gainfully employed as an offshore diver.
"We hired a private charter and divers from Florida and Louisiana, who are his friends, they came to help search for him."
According to authorities at the Harrison County' Sheriff's Department, a fisherman discovered Duncan's body south of Pass Christian.
Details surrounding Duncan's death are pending completion of an autopsy, authorities said.


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