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Man jailed for gunplay at youth league football game
By Dwayne Bremer
Oct 1, 2013, 19:38

Bay St. Louis police on Saturday arrest Davionte Baker, 20, of Waveland.

A Waveland man was arrested Saturday, authorities said, after he allegedly pulled a pistol and threatened another man in the parking lot after a local youth football game.
Bay St. Louis Police Chief Mike De Nardo said Monday that Davionte Baker, 20, of Waveland was arrested Saturday and charged with assault by threat.
According to De Nardo, Baker and his girlfriend were at a youth football game at the St. Stanislaus football field on Bookter St. Saturday, when the girlfriend's ex, Donte Antoine, showed up.
Baker and Antoine got into a "heated argument" and Baker went to a maroon Nissan in the parking lot and retrieved a chrome-colored pistol, De Nardo said.
"He went to the vehicle and said 'I got something for you'," De Nardo said.
The argument arose from a child custody issue, officials said. Baker allegedly pointed the gun at Antoine and was waving it in the direction of the stands, witnesses said.
People in the stands, players and coaches, then scurried for safety, De Nardo said. No shots were fired and a security guard and several off-duty police officers were able to take Baker into custody without incident, De Nardo said.
"It was one of the worst experiences I have ever went through," one parent said. "As we ran across the field, my 11-year-old was screaming and crying."
Wes Griffith, the president of the Bay Saints football league, said Tuesday that league leaders and security guards acted quickly to stop the incident from escalating.
"Our security guards, along with many off-duty officers, immediately engaged and apprehended the suspect and he was placed in handcuffs," Griffith said. "We immediately began getting parents and kids as far away from the incident as possible by locating to the center of the field and using the bleachers and concession stands as a barricade. We had the announcer ask everyone to remain still until an 'all clear' was given."
Griffith said the rest of the six-game schedule for Saturday was completed without further interruption. He said the incident was isolated and not indicative of the football league.
"Often, these incidents create some negative perceptions of organizations," Griffith said. "I want to assure everyone that all of the proper steps were taken and if we had a crystal ball, this would have never happened. Since inception, the Bay Saints have always paid for security at all of our games. Little did we know that this would happen and our planning would pay off this past weekend. The person involved was provided a trespassing warning and told to never again be at any Bay Saints practices, games, or events. The lesson learned is that even more emergency planning for the unknown needs to be the norm. De Nardo also praised the quick work of the security personnel.
"The league provides security and they did a fine job," De Nardo said. "We also want to thank the off-duty officers for helping. It could have happened anywhere."
De Nardo said Baker was released after posting bond, but the case is still under investigation and more charges may be forthcoming.


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