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Splash pad opens at McLeod Park
By Echo Staff
Aug 20, 2013, 18:24

Hancock County’s premier camping ground has another attraction to draw in young people looking to cool off in the summer heat, a splash pad. The new attraction was successfully installed thanks to a partnership with the Boards of Supervisors from Hancock and Harrison Counties.
Initial estimates for a similar splash pad came in at about $250,000, said McLeod Park Manager Kevin Ladner.
“When I played under the hose as a child it didn’t cost that much,” said Connie Rocko with the Harrison County Board of Supervisors.
But the cooperative effort with Harrison County, who recently built their own splash pad, brought the cost of the parts to about $15,000. The cost of labor is still being assessed.
Ladner said the splash pad is a safer attraction for younger children to cool off in the summer heat as opposed to a pool or river.
Monday morning members of each county’s board of supervisors attended a ribbon cutting at the park to commemorate the official opening of the splash pad. The project was another success for Friends of McLeod Park, who started the effort to raise funds for a splash pad about a year ago. Friends of McLeod Park is an organization under the Hancock Community Development Foundation. The board of supervisors is also constructive a new entrance and welcome center/ranger station a short distance from the splash pad.
Construction of the splash pad took only two and a half weeks, Ladner said. It adds another attraction to a park that brings people from all over the region. He said children from both Hancock and Harrison Counties have already been able to enjoy it.
“It’s just a great feeling to ride through this park and see what a gem it is,” said Hancock County Board of Supervisors President Lisa Cowand.


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