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Fish released into Webb St. lagoon
By Cassandra Favre
Jul 2, 2013, 20:12

Residents living near the Waveland Regional Wastewater Site, better known as the Webb Street Lagoon; may soon experience relief from a perennial pest. Midge flies and their larvae reside in the 60 acre sewage overflow retention pond. Hatching larvae result in a swarm, which has been causing grief for years for the Waveland residents living nearby for years, officials said.
The Hancock County Utility Authority has come up with a unique solution to the problem. The gambusia fish. The fish eat the larvae, which David Pitalo, director of the Hancock County Utility Authority and Lili Stahler, alderman for the city of Waveland, said Thursday will help alleviate the swarms. Pitalo said the plan to use the fish to combat the larvae was suggested by Christian Stephenson, director of the Hancock County office of the Mississippi State University Extension program.
"It will not cure the problem, but it will help." Stahler said on Thursday as Dale Cucullo from the Circle C Fish Hatchery at McNiel launched about 1200 gambusia into the water.
In April of this year the utility authority released about 1000 fish into the pond. A third release is scheduled for September.


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