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Logtown Revisited: ‘Scenic Byway’ commemorates lost community
By Cassandra Favre
Jun 28, 2013, 18:13

The newly installed bridge linking Logtown and INFINITY.

Logtown – once a renowned cultural hub and home to the largest mill in the world – has in recent years become little more than a distant memory, until now.
Lying on the banks of the Pearl River in Pearlington, Logtown is once again making history.
On Friday, architect Allison Anderson and Ron Magee, assistant to the director for Center of Operations at NASA, unveiled a preview of the Possum Walk Trail, 3.2 mile bicycle and walking path spanning from Logtown to the INFINITY Science center.
Comprised of about 1,000 feet of platform and one and a half miles of packed gravel, the trail is sure to attract bikers and hikers of all ages, Anderson said. The trail will also provide markers describing local birds and relating local history.
"We are creating spaces adding to the quality of life in Hancock County," Anderson said Friday. "Recreational trails are important to that. Scenic Byways to Space honors lost towns in western Hancock County."
NASA's arrival in 1964 immediately caused a decrease in mill activity and residents of Logtown began to move elsewhere, Anderson said.
"This trail is a commemoration of the people in Logtown leaving when NASA came," Magee said at Friday's unveiling.
Friday also marked the installation of the trail bridge, the final piece of the project connecting Logtown and INFINITY. The bridge is suspended over the Bogue Houma river. Benches are provided near the bridge and there are plans to put in a kayak ramp, Magee said. INFINITY will also provide bicycle rentals.
According to Matt Touart, contractor from GT Development and Contracting, the trail should be ready for use in about 30 days.
Compton Engineering is responsible for the trail’s design.
The trail was made possible through a grant, Magee said.
"We are thankful to the Hancock County Board of Supervisors and the Chamber of Commerce for contributing to this eight-year project," Magee said.
Jim Foster, president of the Heritage Trails Partnership – whose goal is to have a 100 mile trail spanning the Gulf Coast – was among those attending the event.
Guests attending the unveiling were invited to ride bikes on the trail courtesy of Biloxi's EcoGeno bicycle shop.


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