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Rebuilding slow for Ladner, Clermont piers
By Dwayne Bremer
Jun 14, 2013, 17:36

With the recent completion of the Washington Street pier and on-going work on the Dunbar Pier, some locals have begun to ask what's going on with the Garfield Ladner Pier in Waveland and the Clermont Harbor Pier.
The county maintains three public piers: Washington Street, Dunbar Avenue, and Clermont Harbor.
The Garfield Ladner Pier, just to the east of Coleman Avenue, is maintained by the city of Waveland.
All four piers suffered extensive damage last August during Hurricane Isaac.
In January, Mickey Lagasse of Compton Engineering said that estimates from FEMA indicate that the Ladner pier suffered about $900,000 in damage during Isaac.
The veteran's memorial suffered about $60,000 in damage, he said.
Compton will now conduct its own review and inspection of the pier to see if there are any damages which were missed by FEMA.
The city is eligible for 80 percent reimbursement of the damages, officials said.
The city also has Tidelands funds which can be used for waterfront projects.
The Garfield Ladner Pier has been a staple in Waveland for several decades. The pier was wiped out by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and was rebuilt and opened again in 2010. Lagasse said the damage from Isaac appears to be mostly in the parking lot area and railing along the sides.
"It appears to be structurally sound," he said. "We are going to try to use as much of the previous materials as possible to save money."
Once a good assessment is completed, the repair designs will begin and the projects will go out for bid, Lagasse said.
"We are going to try to move this along as fast as possible," he said. "It is imperative to Waveland and the community to get the pier reopened."
The Clermont Harbor pier suffered far less damage than the Ladner pier, officials said.
Officials said the major damage to the pier affected wooden planks and the electrical system.
District One Supervisor David Yarborough said Tuesday that getting the Clermont Harbor pier reopened is a priority.
"We're working on it," Yarborough said.


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