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Teachers of the Year for Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District
May 17, 2013, 21:07

The Bay St. Louis-Waveland School District (BWSD) recognized the Teachers of the Year for individual schools and the district during the May school board meeting held last week. David Adams, Crossroads Learning Center; the late Shannon Goetzman, Waveland Elementary; Tabitha Thomas, North Bay Elementary; Marietta Murray, Bay Middle School; and Khrystal Boudreaux, Bay High School, received the honors. Boudreaux is Teacher of the Year for BWSD.
A graduate of Louisiana State University, Khrystal Boudreaux has been teaching math at Bay High School since 2005 and was also named Bay High's teacher of the year in 2010. "Mrs. Boudreaux is like a mom away from home,” said Hope Taylor, a senior at Bay High. “I am not finished growing nor do I know everything yet. The things that Mrs. Boudreaux teaches me are so much more than just algebra. I am so thankful to have such a loving and caring teacher."
Math teacher Marietta Murray has been teaching in Hancock County since 1975, most recently seventh grade at Bay Middle School. She earned both her undergraduate degree and highly qualified credentials from Mississippi State University. "Mrs. Murray is a life-long learner,” said her colleague Connie Roth, a science teacher at Bay Middle. “She is always working to improve her teaching skills, as well as her knowledge of math, and presents that material in meaningful and creative ways in the classroom.”
A graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, Tabitha Thomas has taught in the district since 1996, most recently fourth grade at North Bay Elementary. "I have witnessed Tabitha's enthusiasm and integrity in the classroom firsthand, said Johnnette Bilbo, her colleague at North Bay. “She has compassion, interacts well with students and parents, and is always willing to go above and beyond what is asked of her.”
The late Shannon Goetzman, who taught special education at Waveland Elementary, began teaching at the school in 2003 after graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2001. Her husband, Bobby Goetzman, accepted the award in her place at the May board meeting. "Shannon Goetzman was devoted to her profession,” said Julie Murphy, her colleague at Waveland Elementary. “She was able to teach skills and academics that made an impact on her students' lives.”
David Adams, a graduate of Concordia University, began teaching at Crossroads Learning Center in 2012. "I can attest to Mr. Adams' hard work and enthusiasm in and out of the classroom,” said Charlotte Donaldson, a special education teacher at Crossroads. “He has done an outstanding job in a demanding teaching situation. His enthusiasm, positive energy and tireless efforts on our campus have become quite contagious."
“Teachers of the year are dedicated and knowledgeable,” said Dr. Rebecca Ladner, superintendent of BWSD. “They have the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues. They are articulate and have energy and drive. Most important, they can connect with students in the classroom time and time again. Our schools are only as good as our faculty, and we commend the drive and dedication shown by these exceptional teachers.”

About the Mississippi Teacher of the Year Program
The Mississippi Teacher of the Year Program recognizes outstanding performance by our public school teachers. The school-level Teacher of the Year committee makes a school selection after letters of nomination and applications are turned in. An outside committee of community leaders conducts interviews with all Teacher of the Year school selections to determine the District Teacher of the Year selection.


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