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UPDATED: Multi-agency drug bust in Hancock County nabs 21
By Dwayne Bremer
May 3, 2013, 19:13

Suspected drug dealer Gregory Butter was arrested Wednesday morning as part of a large drug roundup in Hancock County

Twenty-three suspects were arrested Wednesday during a multi-agency drug bust in Hancock County.
The operation, titled "May Day" was a collective effort between the Hancock County Sheriff's Office, Bay St.Louis Police Department, DEA, Homeland Security, the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics and other agencies.
"This was a continuing effort in combating illegal narcotics will it continue and drug traffickers will be pursued vigorously," Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam said Wednesday. "I want to thank all of the other agencies who assisted us in this operation."
Operation May Day began about 4:30 a.m. Wednesday.
Agents fanned out in teams to different areas of the county and suspects were transported to centralized locations, where transport vans then took them to jail.
At least one suspect proclaimed his innocence when he was dropped off at a transport van in Waveland.
"This is messed up," suspect Gregory Butter said. "I don't deal drugs."
A total of 23 suspects was arrested and authorities said they are looking for five more.
Hancock County Narcotics Commander Jeremy Skinner said a total of 29 warrants has been issued for various offenses.
The charges include sale of marijuana, meth, cocaine and prescription pills, Skinner said.
The list of those arrested so far is:
Gregory Butter, 30, two counts of sale of controlled substance; Jeffrey Drawdy, 44, sale of controlled substance, embezzlement; Richard Benton, 36, embezzlement; Seth Odham, 23, sale of controlled substance; Andrew Viescas, 24, sale of controlled substance; Carleen Meza, 53, two counts of sale of controlled substance; Norma Parks, 49, two counts of sale of controlled substance; Christopher Fitch, 52, sale of controlled substance; Waren Dubose, 23, transfer of controlled substance and two counts of sale of controlled substance; Marquis Washington, 24, three counts of sale of controlled substance; James Dahl, 51, two counts of sale of controlled substance; Kelly White, 22, two counts of sale of controlled substance; Byron Kinsey, 27, two counts of sale of controlled substance; Jade Alvarado, 18, possession with intent; Christopher Haggerty, 27, possession with intent; Lisa Tumlin, 52, two counts of sale of controlled substance; Naurice Summers, 46, two counts sale of controlled substance, Gary Wayne Necaise, 47, sale of controlled substance; John Andrews, 32, sale of controlled substance; and Lauren Tusa, felony possession of a controlled substance. Skinner said three juveniles were also arrested. Two of the juveniles will be adjudicated at Hancock Youth Court and charged as adults.


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