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Woman allegedly ‘hunted’ jail guard
By Dwayne Bremer
Apr 9, 2013, 18:15

A Long Beach woman is facing felony charges after she allegedly "tracked down" a female corrections officer living in Bay St. Louis and threatened the officer with a fiberglass rod.
Bay St. Louis Police Chief Mike De Nardo said Tuesday that his department has issued three warrants against Alice Graves, 53, of Long Beach.
According to De Nardo, Graves was released from the Harrison County Jail on April 5.
On Friday, Graves showed up at the home of a booking sergeant from the Harrison County jail.
The booking sergeant, whose name was not released, lives in Bay St. Louis, De Nardo said.
"Graves tracked the officer down, came to her house, and attempted to push her way inside," De Nardo said.
The officer – who was at home with another family member – was able to push the door closed and then called police, De Nardo said.
Graves then went to her vehicle and retrieved a fiberglass rod and began making verbal threats toward the officer, De Nardo said. When police arrived, Graves was "talking out of her mind" and making confusing statements, De Nardo said.
The officer told police that she remembered Graves being in jail, but she did not know what prompted her to come to her house.
Graves was transported to the hospital for a mental evaluation, but she was later released without police being notified, De Nardo said.
On Saturday, Graves was arrested by the Long Beach Police Department on a vagrancy charge.
On Monday, warrants for assault on a police officer, trespassing, and disturbance of a family were issued against Graves through Bay St. Louis Municipal Court.
A hold was placed on Graves and she will be transported back to Bay St. Louis once she is finished with the Long Beach charge, De Nardo said.
"It's always a concern of anyone in law enforcement when something like this happens," De Nardo said. "Officers do their jobs and you never know it is going to affect them or their family. Fortunately, nobody was injured."


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