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Waveland asks to use justice court facility
By Dwayne Bremer
Mar 22, 2013, 16:19

The Waveland Board of Aldermen has asked the Hancock County Board of Supervisors to allow the city to use the justice court courtroom at the Hancock County Public Safety Complex for municipal court.
Aldermen voted Tuesday to send a resolution to the supervisors asking to use the courtroom. The board also sent a resolution to state legislators, seeking a local-private bill to allow the city to operate city court outside of the city limits.
Prior to Hurricane Katrina, Waveland municipal court was held at the police station on Highway 90.
The small courtroom inside the police department was capable of holding about 40 people.
The police department was destroyed during Katrina, and in the past seven years, Waveland has held court in numerous places.
At first, the city used the Bay St. Louis City Council chambers on Main Street in Bay St. Louis.
After that, the city moved to a vacant trailer on Longfellow Avenue.
In 2010, the city moved court once again, this time to the Civic Center on Coleman Avenue.
The city had planned to hold court at the new police department complex on St. Anthony Street; however, that project has stalled and is now tied up in litigation.
City leaders have said that the civic center is not a suitable location for court, because of the historical significance of the building and the many community programs operating out of the facility.
County Attorney Ronnie Artigues said Tuesday that supervisors would consider letting the city use the justice court building if Waveland could get the special legislation.
"The board will consider it, once we receive the official request from Waveland," Artigues said.
One potential snag in the plan is the day on which court operates.
Waveland holds municipal court on Thursdays, the same day justice court has a civil docket.
Waveland Mayor David Garcia said Friday that the city would consider changing its court days if the move could be made.
"We will do whatever it takes to accommodate their schedule," Garcia said.


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