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Depot District seafood market approved
By Jennifer Lenain
Mar 22, 2013, 16:23

After weeks of speculation and deliberation, the Bay St. Louis City Council on Tuesday approved plans for a retail seafood market to open on Blaize Avenue in the historic Depot District.
The business, Little Joe's Seafood and More will have fresh and boiled seafood, a meat counter, and will serve po-boys to go.
The city council on Tuesday approved a motion made by Ward 4 Councilman Bobby Compretta.
Ward 5 Councilman Joey Boudin and Ward 6 Councilman Ray Kid recused themselves from the vote.
Before the motion was made the council discussed various conditions to apply to the application for special exception.
Seventeen conditions, provided by a neighborhood coalition, were accepted into the motion.
One of the biggest points of contention has been the refrigeration unit on the back of the property that has to either be removed or permanently anchored and enclosed with screening.
The unit will be partitioned to allow Dedeaux to store fresh seafood and to freeze waste, preventing odors from permeating the neighborhood, Dedeaux said.
Dedeaux's next step will be to go before the Historic Preservation Commission to request a Certificate of Appropriateness regarding visual preferences for the unit, Mayor Les Fillingame said.
Dedeaux will also have to meet the building code requirements for converting the unit to a permanent accessory structure.

In other action Tuesday.
The council voted to reappoint Clevand Williams to the Bay-Waveland School Board for a five-year term. The motion to accept the reappointment passed by a vote of 6 to 1, Councilman-at-Large Bill Taylor voted against the motion.
The council voted to reappoint Buz Olsen to the Gulf Regional Planning Commission Board. The motion passed by a vote of 7 to 0.
Appointment of members of the Bay St. Louis Harbor and Waterfront Development Advisory Committee was tabled until June.
The applicants are scheduled to engage in waterfront and harbor education, Fillingame said.
The committee will be nominated by the mayor and approved the city council in July.
Crews from Tully LandThe Main Street Lighting Project is expected to be complete by July, Director of Economic and Community Development Buz Olsen said Friday.
The project involves placing lighting down Main Street to Highway 90.
The lights are being placed on both sides of the street, an average of 75-feet apart.
Webster Electric is over the project and Digital Engineering is the designer.
There has been an influx in coyote sightings in the city.
The city is considering proposals from those qualified to capture and release coyotes.
"In past years, we were not very efficient in keeping the animals away," Fillingame said.


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