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Absentee balloting begins Friday
By Dwayne Bremer
Mar 15, 2013, 19:07

The first votes in the 2013 municipal elections in Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, and Diamondhead will be cast next week.
Absentee ballots are available in Bay St. Louis and Pass Christian at city headquarters on Friday March 22. Diamondhead plans on opening absentee voting on Monday March 25, officials said Friday.
Absentee balloting will continue until Saturday May, 4.
Mississippi elections are conducted on the party-primary system.
Winners of the respective primaries will face the other party's candidates and Independent candidates in the general election.
All Independents do not have to go through the first round of elections and are automatically listed on the general election ticket.
This year's Republican, Democratic, and Constitutional party primaries will take place on May 7. Runoff elections, if any, will be held on May 21 and the general election will be on June 4.
Voters have until April 7 to register at the Hancock County Circuit Clerk's office on Main Street in Bay St. Louis.
Last week was the cutoff for candidates to qualify to run for office.
A total of 53 candidates qualified for the races in the three cities.
This week, Robert Delgado, who had qualified for the Ward One council race in Diamondhead withdrew his name from consideration.
Diamondhead candidates.
*Mayor: Chuck Ingraham (R), Tommy Schafer (R), Carl Necaise (R), and
John Fletcher (I).
*Councilman-At-Large: Ernie Knobloch (R), Kenneth Edmonds (R), and Ken Overstreet (Constitutional).
*Ward One: Hank Holcomb (R), Joseph G. Lopes Jr. (R), and Alvin J. Walsh III (R).
*Ward Two: Blaine Lafontaine (R), Robert J. Esher (R), Eric Allen Nolan (R) and Joe Murray (R).
*Ward Three: Michael Schaefer (I), Jim Brumfield (R), Dominic Palisi (R), Kenny Schmitt (R), and Thomas Sislow (R).
*Ward Four: Ron Rech (R), J.C. Price (R) and Jeffrey Chastain (R).
Bay St. Louis candidates.
*Mayor: Les Fillingame (D), Mike Weems (D), and Jeff Harding (R).
*Council-At-Large: Mike Favre (D), Gregory Farve (D), Bennis Moss (D) Gary Knoblock (R) Clark Breland (I) and Johanna Spicuzza (I) .
*Ward One: Doug Seal (I), unopposed.
*Ward Two: Wendy McDonald (D), unopposed.
*Ward Three: Jeffrey Reed (D), unopposed.
*Ward Four: Bobby Compretta (D), unopposed.
*Ward Five: Joey Boudin (D), unopposed.
Ward Six: Ray Kidd (R) and Lonnie Falgout (I).
Pass Christian candidates.
*Mayor: Leo "Chipper" McDermott (R) and Joseph Piernas (D).
*Ward One: Robin "Rory" Rafferty (R) and Buddy Clarke (R).
*Ward Two: Amy Stewart Steiner (R) and W. Earl Washington Sr. (D).
*Ward Three: Anthony Hall (D) and Eugene Russell (R).
*Ward Four: Victor Pickich (R), Buddy Scarborough (R) and LaTanya Toomer (D).
*Alderman-At-Large: Anita Giani (I), Tommy Piernas (D) and Kenny Torgeson (R).


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