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Bay man in Texas Saturday to audition for ‘The Voice’
By Geoff Belcher
Feb 8, 2013, 18:22

As a multi-talented performer and mobile DJ, Bay St. Louis-resident Kory Lawrence is always active during Carnival season, but this year, he's busier than ever.
Not only is he making the usual rounds of performing at Carnival balls, he's also promoting his new song, "King Cakes & Mardi Gras," and today he's in Houston, Tex. to audition for the hit television program "The Voice." This time next week, he's due back in New Orleans to audition for another national show, "America's Got Talent."
Lots of local people have heard Kory sing over the past 43 years, either at parties or wedding receptions or at New Orleans nightclubs like Cat's Meow and Razoo's.
Plenty of other people know Kory from his other gigs, driving a school bus for Hancock County and working at Rouse's Supermarket in Diamondhead.
"I've only got three jobs," Kory laughs. "I guess I'm lazy."
Lately, thousands have heard him sing on the radio in the past several weeks on "King Cakes & Mardi Gras," which he put together with the help of producer pal Pete Leoni.
Television stations in both New Orleans and on the Mississippi Coast have interviewed Kory about the song, and radio stations all over the Gulf South are playing it.
"Hopefully, it will become a New Orleans classic for years to come," he said.
If you haven't heard "King Cakes & Mardi Gras" on the radio, you can e-mail Kory personally at kingcakes.mardigras@yahoo.com, and he'll send you the song.
In the meantime, he's hoping to make it big on "The Voice."
"I've done everything I can do locally and I'm ready for the big stage," Kory said. "I'm ready for America to hear me sing."


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