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Pirates fall to Florence
By Jordan Daniels
Nov 4, 2017, 00:15

The Pass Christian Pirates’ hard-fought season came to an end Friday evening. The Pirates took the field excited to take on the Florence Eagles.
The Pirates received the ball in hopes that this first-round playoff game would be just be a stepping stone in their road to the state championship, but it was not to be.
After solid drives by both the Pirates and the Eagles, the Pirates put the first seven points on the scoreboard on a pass from quarterback Dustin Allison to Andrew Moffett who ran it in for a touchdown. Pass Special Teams gave the ball to the Eagles, allowing the Pirate defense to hold them to a turnover. With 3:10 left in the quarter, The Pirates acquired the ball, but allowed penalties to force a turnover. The Eagles got the ball at the Pirates 39 and went the distance to earn a touchdown at the beginning of the the 2nd quarter.
The Pirates and Eagles put their running backs to work for the rest of the half. Both defenses put up a fight.
Florence slowly drove down the fieldand earned another touchdown on a quarterback keeper from the eight yard line, bringing the score to 14-7 in favor of the Eagles to end the half
With the second half underway and each team determined to come out on top, both defenses held strong in protecting their endzones. Penalties plagued both teams. The third quarter seemed to quickly end with neither team putting points on the board.
As the final quarter of the game began, the fans became more lively than they had been the entire game.
Florence had possession of the ball to start the fourth.
The Pirates’ defense held strong, not allowing the Eagles to score. The Pirates got the ball with about 3:37 left in the game and would do their best in what seemed might be a miracle at McDonald Stadium, but ultimately came up short.
The Eagles took back possession of the ball and ran out the clock, making the final score 14-7 for a disappointing finish to the Pirates’ best season in more than a decade.


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