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Waveland to clean all culverts around the city
By Dwayne Bremer
Oct 27, 2017, 23:16

Over the next few months, the city of Waveland will be cleaning out all of the culverts along city roads, Mayor Mike Smith said Friday.
"We have been getting a lot of complaints recently about standing water in the Shoreline Park area," Smith said. "In the past few weeks, we cleaned most of them and we are going to expand the work to the entire city."
Smith said the city will use community service workers and inmate workers from the Hancock County Jail to help with the work.
"We think it is a good way to use these workers," Smith said. "We do not have the staff to do something like this in-house. So, I instructed our litter control officer to use the community service and inmates. This will save the city money and resources."
The city has 117 miles of roads and 234 miles of ditches in its municipal limits. Many of the culverts north of the railroad tracks were replaced after Hurricane Katrina in 2005; however, most that are south of the tracks were not. In addition, the city annexed parts of Shoreline Park in 2007. Many of Shoreline's roads and drainage ditches are steadily declining, Smith said.
In addition to cleaning efforts, the city will also be identifying damaged and collapsed culverts which are in need of repair, he said.
If those culverts are on rights-of-way, the city will be able to eventually fix them.
"We cannot legally fix damaged culverts on private property, so we need to log which ones are on private property, versus those on public property," Smith said.
Smith said residents can report damaged culverts in their areas by calling city hall at 228-467-4134.
"The board of aldermen and myself are excited about this upcoming work," Smith said. "It's a lot of area, but it goes pretty quick. Our main goal is to try to find ways to ease drainage problems across the city."


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