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MDE releases school accountability results: Bay-Waveland and Hancock remain B districts; Pass District falls to B
By Cassandra Favre
Oct 24, 2017, 18:02

The Mississippi Department of Education on Thursday released the letter grades for schools and districts based on Mississippi's A-F accountability system.
This system evaluates how schools and districts performed in the 2016-2017 school year, according to an MDE release.
The Bay-Waveland and Hancock County School District's official 2017 grades are "B," which did not change from the districts' 2016 grades.
Pass Christian School District's official 2017 grade is a "B," down from last year's "A" rating.
The report also included four-year graduation rates, based on students who enrolled in the ninth grade during the 2012-2013 school year. The rates were used in the 2017 accountability results.
According to the report, Bay-Waveland's graduation rate was 82.8 percent; Hancock County's was 79.9 percent; and Pass Christian's was 89.3 percent.
Bay-Waveland's dropout rate was 7.2 percent; Hancock County's was 11.4 percent and Pass Christian's was 5.2 percent.
The graduation rates for students with disabilities was also included: Bay-Waveland with 37.5 percent, Hancock County with 27.6 percent and Pass Christian with 40.8 percent, the report said.
In a release from the BWSD, the district acknowledged Bay High School and Bay-Waveland Middle School for their "A" ratings and the district's 29th ranking out of 146 districts.
"The top scores earned by our district are the result of hard work by our students and teachers," BWSD Superintendent Vikki Landry said in the release. "We will keep our expectations high and continue to help our students succeed at every level."
Hancock High School received an "A" rating as well.
Superintendent Alan Dedeaux said that since receiving the results the district is working on ways to increase student achievement.
"The teachers and administrators are working very hard and we're very proud of what they're doing," Dedeaux said. "We're proud to be a 'B' district and are working on reach an 'A.' We have seen growth in some areas and are working to increase student achievement across the board," Dedeaux said.
This year, the Pass Christian School District fell three points shy of achieving an "A," which was "certainly disappointing," Pass Christian School District Superintendent Dr. Carla Evers said.
Pass Christian High School received an "A" rating.
"We congratulate Pass Christian High School for continuing to rank in the top 10 high schools in the state and for being ranked number two on the Coast," Evers said. "Pass Christian High School serves as our flagship and is one shining example of what Pirates are capable of achieving."
With regards to the lower rating, Evers said the district sees it as "actionable data from which we will grow."
"Last year, I spent time listening to teachers, administrators, and parents regarding our four-year data trend. Based on their feedback and data reviews, we have made necessary adjustments such as aligning resources and assessments to our high-quality instruction. We have a very talented team of educators and amazing learners who look forward to upholding our legacy of excellence."
Throughout the state, there were 15 "A" districts, 43 "B" districts, 43 "C" districts, 36 "D" districts and nine "F" districts, the release states.
"These results reflect the progress and achievements students have made on state assessments, the ACT, advanced courses and the state's rising graduation rate," State Superintendent of Education Dr. Carey Wright said in the release. "Teachers, principals, and district leaders have been diligent in their work to help students meet higher academic standards and achieve better outcomes."
According to the release, the 2016-2017 accountability grades are based on "how well students perform and progress from year to year on the Mississippi Academic Assessment Program tests for English language arts and mathematics. These tests are aligned to the Mississippi College and Career Ready Standards and are administered annually to students in grades 3-8 and high school."
Other factors in determining accountability include: Students' performance on science tests in grades 5 and 8; four-year graduation rate; student performance on biology, U.S. History and ACT tests; and student participation and performance in advanced coursework.
According to the release, the 2016-2017 accountability data was "used to set a new baseline to determine the thresholds for earning each letter grade."
Districts and schools were awarded the highest grade they achieved based on the current threshold or the new baseline for 2017-2018, the release states. The highest grade is the official grade.
Visit http://reports.mde.k12.ms.us/report/report2017.aspx to view the full accountability results for schools and districts.


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