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New Bay High improvements bring new drop off route
By Echo staff
Oct 10, 2017, 18:30

Improvements to Bay High School's main entrance are complete and starting Oct. 11 a new parent/student drop off will go into effect. Drivers will still enter from Blue Meadow Road as usual but they will turn into the second entrance instead of the first to drop students off in front of the new walkway. Drivers then will exit onto Pine Street.
"We ask that you please not turn through the student parking lot to exit onto Blue Meadow because this is the student driver entrance,” said Dr. Amy Coyne, Bay High principal.
Also starting Oct. 11, access to the school will no longer be available from the back of campus or the walkway beside the auditorium. 
The improvements at Bay High are designed to Improve the security of the building which opened in the 1960s and had more than 20 entrances.
Now the main entrance, which was in the rear of the building, is facing Blue Meadow Road and lockable safety gates are located around the perimeter of the building. The new configuration includes the administration offices, meeting rooms, the business office, a special education suite, a records room and vault. A separate entrance will provide after hours access to the gym and auditorium. Visitor parking is available near the gymnasium.
‏"This new facility at the front of campus will provide us with a more safe and secure campus for our students,” Coyne said. “This is a very exciting time for our students and parents and our school."
Superintendent Vikki Landry said an open house is planned for the new facility.


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