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Hancock County weathers the storm
By Photos and story by Dwayne Bremer
Oct 8, 2017, 06:56

The Silver Slipper Casino was unscathed, other than a little debris and a sand-filled parking lot.
Pinchers Seafood in Lakeshore had some water, but less than expected.

Debris on North Beach Blvd.
The Verteran's Memorial Pier in Waveland got wet, but no damage was reported.

Waves crash over the seawall near Dunbar Avenue.
Water crossed the road near Coleman Avenue in Waveland, but quickly receeded.

Hurricane Nate's bark was worse than its bite Saturday evening when the storm barreled through Hancock County.
So far, very little damage has been reported and most residents who lost power have had it restored.
"We were very fortunate," Hancock County Emergency Management Director Brian Adam said Sunday. "We have yet to have any reports of water getting into homes and no structures appear to be severely damaged. We will have a better idea of things when the sun comes up."
Adam said the eye of Nate passed over Gulfport, and thus, damage reports in Harrison and Jackson Counties have been higher that in Hancock County.
Hancock County began feeling the effects of Nate Saturday afternoon.
The only report of injuries came when the Department of Marine Resources rescued three boaters near Bayou Caddy.
By 8 p.m Saturday, winds started picking up as feeder bands began dumping heavy rain on the county.
Powerful waves began crashing into the seawall along Beach Blvd. in Bay St. Louis and roads throughout the county began to flood.
Nate's western eye wall crossed over Hancock shortly after 11 p.m. A few minutes later, a major power outage occurred in Bay St. Louis when a power line near Hancock Medical Center fell, causing several transformers to explode, officials said.
Residents reported hearing several loud "Booms."
Mississippi Power Spokesman Jeff Shepard said Sunday that about 1,500 residents lost power in Bay St. Louis. By 7:30 a.m., many residents had their power restored and crews are currently working to restore the remaining homes without power, Shepard said.
Coast Electric Spokeswoman April Lollar said Sunday that only about a dozen homes in Hancock County were still without power and those homes should have their power restored within a few hours.

The city of Waveland saw little damage other than water breaching Beach Blvd. and some minor debris on the roads.
Waveland Police Chief David Allen said the public's awareness was a major factor in his city being unscathed.
"The people really followed the curfew," Allen said. "That allowed us to do our patrols, look for looters, and make sure all of the roads were clear. Other than a few minor things, we really dodged a bullet."

Lakeshore/Clermont Harbor:
Lakeshore and Clermont Harbor are typically the hardest hit area in Hancock County during a tropical weather event, but the area fared pretty well on Saturday, Adam said.
Water flooded several roads and covered much of Beach Blvd. with sand, but by sunrise Sunday, all of Beach Blvd. was passable.
The Silver Slipper Casino parking lot was littered with debris and sand, but that appeared to be the extent of it.
The Pleasure Street Marina had one boat which appeared to be pushed up against a dock, but it had not sunk.

Bay St. Louis:
Debris was heavier on roads in Bay St. Louis, but no major obstructions were reported. Several roads were flooded, but are expected to be passable later this morning, Adam said.

North of I-10:
Several areas north of the interstate lost power during Nate and traditional low-lying areas such as Jourdan River Shores saw flooded streets, officials said.

The Sea Coast Echo will provide more details about Nate's effect on Hancock County as they become available.


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