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Hummingbird festival scheduled Saturday
By Echo staff
Sep 12, 2017, 17:57

The Diamondhead Hummingbird Festival is scheduled this Saturday, Sept. 16.

Whether you are a lifetime lover of hummingbirds or have never experienced one close up, we invite you to join us this year at our annual Hummingbird Festival on September 16, from 8 AM to 3 PM.
At the home of Robert and Rhonda Vaughan, 2356 Airport Dr., Diamondhead.
Featured at each event is a certified bander who captures, weighs, measures, tags, and releases hummingbirds so they can be further studied and understood. In 2013, James Bell was able to band 27 birds during the one-day event.
This is a great event for families, children's groups, seniors and all other ages. We have special activities for children as well as handicap parking right near the entrance for easy access. We will also have golf cart transportation for those who have to park a little distance from the entrance to make your arrival more pleasant. There is plenty of parking for everyone and guides will be on hand to help you with parking.


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