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Bay hosts budget workshop, enters executive session to discuss mayor’s proposed personnel changes
By Cassandra Favre
Aug 11, 2017, 17:32

The Bay St. Louis Council on Wednesday hosted another budget workshop, during which Mayor Mike Favre requested an executive session to discuss specific payroll amendments.
City Attorney Trent Favre said the council is allowed to enter executive session during a budget workshop if there is a line item in the budget which may affect the termination of an employee or employees.
He referenced Miss. Code 25-41-7 Sec. 4, K.
"It's my understanding that Mayor Favre has specific changes to the next proposed budget that would affect specific employees' employment," he said. All other budgetary items must be discussed in open session, Trent Favre said.
Councilman Larry Smith asked Trent Favre what the rules of executive session are.
"We don't want anything be posted on websites and that type of thing," Smith said.
Trent Favre said it's going to be a "matter of trust."
"What you learn in executive session should be held in confidence," he said. "If somebody discloses that information, there's no penalty that I know of. From the ethics commission, you'll get fined."
Smith asked, "what's stopping anybody from going out of here and going to newspapers?"
Trent Favre said, "nothing."
"But like litigation for example, it's just imperative that you keep it to yourselves so that it doesn't affect our position in regards to what we're talking about and the privacy of the people. With personnel, sometimes it's to get to a resolution on the issue so sharing information could get back to that employee and affect them adversely. It's just important to keep it confidential."
After executive session, the council discussed revenues in the city's general fund.
Mike Favre said there is a proposed two mil increase to the fund, since the school district's request is less this year. He said there's no cost to the taxpayer, just moving funds from the school district line item to the city's general fund.
Favre also proposed dedicating one mil to road and bridge.
Councilman Doug Seal asked Favre to explore renegotiating gaming fees with the Hollywood Casino. Favre said he would and would present his findings at a future workshop.
The projected revenue with proposed changes is $8.84 million, Favre said.
On the expense side in the general fund, Favre said, the projected expenses are $8.81 million. The expenses include a proposed $300,000 reduction in administration costs.
The next workshop is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 17 at 6 p.m. Representatives from non-profits are scheduled to attend.


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