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Sheriffs warn of warrant scam
By Dwayne Bremer
Aug 11, 2017, 17:40

Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson said Friday that his office has received several complaints of a telephone scam that asks people to deposit money on the kiosk at the county jail.
According to Peterson, residents have been receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be a deputy.
The caller informs the victim that he or she has outstanding warrant and needs to go to the Harrison County Jail and deposit $875 into a certain account at the jail kiosk.
The kiosk at the jail is used to deposit money into inmates commissary accounts and money cannot be paid to the sheriff's office at the kiosk, Peterson said.
A similar scam was reported and the telephone calls were traced to a jail in Alabama, Peterson said.
"No law enforcement agency or county court system uses a phone calling system to address old fines or warrants," Peterson said. "This is all done by personal service or hand delivered subpoenas. Anytime someone calls you and says they are with a police agency asking for money, it is a scam."
Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam said Friday that his office has yet to receive any complaints about the scam.
Adam said that the kiosk at the Hancock County Jail works like the one in Harrison County and people should should not use it unless they are leaving it for specific inmates.
Adam said any and all fines in Hancock County are paid during normal business hours at Hancock County Justice Court.


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