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One suspect in Facebook live assault has ties to Hancock County
By Dwayne Bremer, Staff Writer
Jul 14, 2017, 16:51

Gulfport police this week arrested three people in connection with an alleged sexual assault and beating that was streamed live on Facebook. One of the suspects is apparently a nursing aid who has worked in Hancock County.
Gulfport Police Spokesman Joshua Bromen said Wednesday that GPD received a report Tuesday evening of an assault on 7th Avenue.
Officers later determined that a Facebook Live video had been recording the event, which included a sexual and physical assault.
The victim is a 23-year-old woman, officials said.
The graphic video of the event was originally posted to Facebook, which allows users to live-stream video from smart phones.
Facebook removed the video on Thursday, but not before it had been viewed by tens of thousands of people.
Many local residents who saw the video expressed shock, disgust, and horror about the video's content.
Police were able to identify several people in the video including Ezzie Johnson, 17, Haleigh Alexis Hudson, 19, and Kadari Booker, 17.
All three suspects were taken into custody on Wednesday, officials said.
All three live in Harrison County. According to Hudson's Facebook page, she works or has worked as a nursing aid at adult-assisted living facilities in Hancock and West Harrison counties.
All three suspects were charged with kidnapping and sexual battery.
Johnson and Hudson's bonds were set at $400,000 and Booker's bond was set at $500,000.
There were apparently other people at the residence when the alleged assaults took place and who are captured on the video.
Police said the case is still under investigation and additional charges are possible.


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