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4 nabbed at Kiln for home burglary
Jul 11, 2017, 18:09

Hancock County sheriff's deputies on Sunday arrested four people just as they were leaving a home which they had allegedly just burglarized, authorities said Tuesday.
Sheriff's Office Chief Investigator Glenn Grannan said Tuesday that David Bourgeois Jr., 31; Jennifer Pepper, 34; Pattie Nelson, 53; and
Steven Farve, 55, were all charged with burglary.
According to Grannan, deputies received a report Sunday that several suspicious people were going in and out of a home on Carnation Street in Silver Creek.
"The owner of the home is deceased and the property is in transition and nobody was staying there," Grannan said. "One of the suspects had lived there a while back, but she did not have permission to be there."
When deputies arrived Sunday, the four suspects were just leaving the home and were quickly arrested, Grannan said.
The suspects were in possession of numerous items from the home, Grannan said.
"They were caught red-handed," he said. "The girl who had lived there said she was just getting her clothes, but they helped themselves to a bunch of other things, too."
Sheriff Ricky Adam said he wanted to thank the person who reported the alleged burglary and encourage others to keep an eye out for any potential suspicious activity.
"The public has always been and still is our best ally in fighting crime and it really showed in this case," Adam said.
All four suspects were transported to the Hancock County Jail where they are each being held under a $75,000 bond.


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