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New Mayor for Bay St. Louis: Favre defeats Fillingame
By Cassandra Favre
May 16, 2017, 23:29

Democratic Bay St. Louis Councilman-at-Large candidate Mike Weems shakes hand with his opponent, Thaddeus “T.J.” Collier, after Weems’ victory in the runoff race on Tuesday.

Bay St. Louis mayoral candidate Mike Favre on Tuesday defeated incumbent Les Fillingame in the Democratic runoff race, according to unofficial totals.
In the Council-At-Large race, Mike Weems defeated T.J. Collier.
The unofficial total for Favre, including absentee ballots was 1,342 to Fillingame's 1,226. Weems received 1,244 votes and Collier received 1,159.
As of press time Tuesday, 20 affidavit ballots remained to be counted.
Favre said his win "feels great."
"We were hoping for the best and thought if we got the people to come out and vote, we could do it," he said. "With the great family and friends and supporters we have, they came out today and supported our mission. Our mission is to change and we're going to have change, hopefully. We still got another election in June and we're working on that. We're going to start tomorrow hitting the streets, just like we've been doing the past two-and-a-half months."
Favre will face candidate Jeff Harding (R) in the general election on June 6.
The totals from each ward for Favre: 273 from Ward 1; 204 from Ward 2; 125 from Ward 3; 246 from Ward 4; 182 from Ward 5; and 235 from Ward 6. Favre's total absentee votes: 19 from Ward 1; 10 from Ward 2; eight from Ward 3; 14 from Ward 4; 11 from Ward 5; and 15 from Ward 6.
The totals from each ward for Fillingame: 193 from Ward 1; 265 from Ward 2; 281 from Ward 3; 200 from Ward 4; 86 from Ward 5 and 70 from Ward 6. Fillingame's absentee votes: 27 from Ward 1; 32 from Ward 2; 44 from Ward 3; 20 from Ward 4; eight from Ward 5; and zero from Ward 6.
The totals from each ward for Weems: 237 from Ward 1; 149 from Ward 2; 238 from Ward 3; 204 from Ward 4; 141 from Ward 5 and 186 from Ward 6. Weems' absentee votes: 19 from Ward 1, 15 from Ward 2; 27 from Ward 3, 14 from Ward 4; four from Ward 5; and 10 from Ward 6. The totals from each ward for Collier: 199 from Ward 1; 282 from Ward 2; 148 from Ward 3; 209 from Ward 4; 119 from Ward 5 and 100 from Ward 6. Collier's absentee votes: 19 from Ward 1; 22 from Ward 2; 23 from Ward 3; 17 from Ward 4; 15 from Ward 5; and six from Ward 6.
Weems will face candidates Gary Knoblock (R) and Susan Veglia (I) in June's general election.
The general election will be held on June 6 and includes the following additional candidates:
Ward One: Incumbent Doug Seal (I) and George Williams (R).
Ward Two: Carol Strohmetz (D) and Gene Hoffman (R).
Ward Three: Jeffrey Reed will not face a challenger in the general election.
Ward Four: Larry Smith (R) and Tad Black (D).
Ward Five: Incumbent Joey Boudin (D) and Buddy Zimmerman (R).
Ward Six: Incumbent Lonnie Falgout (I) and Josh DeSalvo (R).


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