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BWSD may need 2 assistant superintendents
By Cassandra Favre
Jan 27, 2017, 16:04

Bay-Waveland School District Attorney Ronnie Artigues said Friday the board researched the ethical issues prior to appointing Vikki Landry as superintendent.
Landry's brother, Jon McCraw, is the business manager for the district.
"We sought a separate, independent opinion from attorney Jim Keith in Jackson to that effect," Artigues said. "It is not an ethics issue."
However, Artigues said, Landry cannot directly supervise McCraw. That will have to be handled by an assistant superintendent or someone else, Artigues said.
Landry said Friday she will have two recommendations for academic assistant superintendent and operational assistant superintendent to present at the school board's next meeting, which is scheduled for Feb. 13 at 5:30 p.m.
Landry said she will be recommending the district's current special education director Kirsten Ladner for operational assistant superintendent; and Bay-Waveland Middle School Principal Dr. Cherie Labat as federal programs director and academic assistant superintendent.
Prior to assuming interim superintendent duties, Landry was the district's federal programs director.
"They will take on additional district duties in addition to their current positions," Landry. "All directors report to them and they report to the superintendent."
Both the special education and federal programs directors are federally funded, which means the positions are funded in part by the district and in part with federal funds, Landry said.
However, the recommendation will not be official until the board votes on the matter, Landry said.


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